White Rock Farm was established in 1756 by a grant from Lord Fairfax, located in what was at that time Frederick County, Virginia. The farm recieved its current name around 1930, from the White family who owned the property. By then it was in the village of Kearneysville in Jefferson County, West Virginia. At various times before 1930, the farm was known as Rockdale. We purchased the farm in 2000.

We are the Wolf family- Erik, Rose, Katie, and Nelson. It takes a group effort to make a 42-acre farm work, but everybody has their favorite animals. Erik and Nelson are most interested in the cattle, Rose runs the Boer herd, and Katie prefers the dairy goats. On our farm and displayed on the website are Oberhasli, LaMancha, Saanen, Nigerian Dwarf, and Miniature dairy goats, Boer goats, and Dexter cattle. Other animals not displayed (except on the Just for Fun page) include two horses, three livestock guardian dogs, several cats, a few sheep, chickens (mostly of the White Rock breed, of course!), and guinea fowl.


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